By John A. Hall, Ralph Schroeder

Michael Mann is without doubt one of the such a lot influential sociologists of modern many years. His paintings has had an incredible impression in sociology, historical past, political technology, diplomacy and different social technology disciplines. during this quantity, his paintings has been systematically and significantly assessed via unique students who take inventory of Mann's total approach and of his account of specific classes and historic circumstances. This well timed quantity additionally includes Mann's answer the place he solutions his critics and forcefully restates his place. it's going to entice students around the social sciences.

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The story that Mann tells is in a sense a continuation of the story of class conflict; but the later chapters of the story are not the victory of the working class (or even its defeat) that Marx would have comprehended. They are closer to what is implied in Weber’s additional chapters, that conflicts go on in several dimensions. Yet Weber still has a rather tidy conception of class, status and party, which can indeed on occasion mutually reinforce each other. The chapters that Mann adds, nearly a century later, tell us that the main 32 Theory, practice, method trend of modern era, state penetration, mobilizes an increasing variety of conflicts.

Political reforms would also be necessary, principal among which would be the guarantee of economic security to every citizen whether he was in employment or not. That, of course, means the abolition of wage labour, and of capitalism itself. (Blackburn and Mann 1979: 294) Mann’s reputation in this regard so to speak soared when an investigation by Lord Annan – the greatest of Great Britain’s ‘great and good’ – into student troubles at Essex named Mann as leading troublemaker. Further, at this time he was attracted to French ideas, being in fact the first person to bring Nicos Poulantzas to England.

Weber, by contrast, was primarily a comparativist using historical materials; although the comparisons are meant to contribute to explaining the crucial divergence in world history which gave rise to modern capitalism, Weber rarely gives much of an account of how processes of change actually worked themselves out. ) Mann thus gives more of a payoff to the Weberian style; whereas Weber provided a toolbox for analysing world history, Mann actually does the historical analysis. Mann’s move to separate military and political dimensions opens the way for a more systematic theory of both, and of their interaction.

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