By Ying Xia, Xiaoding Cao, Gencheng Wu, Jieshi Cheng

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Acupunct Electrother Res 27: 29  35 29 Acupuncture Therapy of Neurological Diseases: A Neurobiological View Yan LP, Li JJ, Guo CJ, Yin KJ (1999) Effect of acupuncture on GABA and glutamate acid concentration in experimental acute epilepsy. Zhongguo Zhenjiu (Chinese Acupuncture & Moxibustion) 4: 235  237 (in Chinese with English abstract) Yang R, Wang BE, Cheng JS (1996) Effect of electroacupuncture on cholecystokinin gene expression in rat hippocampus during penicillin induced epileptic seizure.

2007; Lai and Huang 2007; Gao et al. 2008; Lietz et al. 2008; Li, et al. 2008). For example, Li et al (2008), using fMRI, observed the CNS activation by acupuncture of the acupoints LR-3 (Taichong) and LR-6 (Zhongdu), which belong to the Liver meridian of Foot-Jueyin; ST-36 (Zusanli) and ST-43 (Xiangu), which belong to the Stomach meridian of Foot-Yangming; and the two nearby sham acupoints. In contrast to the CNS activation by sham acupoints, all the four real acupoints under consideration produced a common effect of the activation of two specific areas of the brain: the bilateral primary somatosensory area and the ipsilateral cerebellum.

1999). We also found that their receptors including N-methyl-D-aspartic acid (NMDA) (Wang and Cheng 1994a), non-NMDA, and GABAA (Liu and Cheng 1997) might be involved in the epileptic activity and the antiepileptic effect of EA. Neuropeptides are a group of neuromodulators. Our research studies showed that neuropeptides, including cholecystokinin (CCK) (Yang et al. 1996), somatostatin (Liu et al. 1998), enkephalin, dynorphin, and various opioid receptors (He et al. 1989; He and Cao 1989; He et al.

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