By Ian Stevenson and Zofia Weaver Mary Rose Barrington

Many folks worldwide settle for the potential for telepathy or clairvoyance. Very hardly ever, despite the fact that, has someone been in a position to display those psychic schools with adequate accuracy and reliability to supply major leads to repeated experimentation. An exception to this used to be the Polish engineer and industrialist Stefan Ossowiecki. Ossowiecki (1877–1944) could be the main talented psychic ever to return lower than the scrutiny of researchers. He confirmed a spread and caliber of clairvoyance that nobody has passed, at the least below experimental controls. both very important, he was once desirous to examine extra approximately his expertise and allowed a number of researchers to take advantage of him in experiments. Anecdotal money owed of his expertise abounded, however it used to be the managed observations of investigators in experiments carried out in Paris and Warsaw that proven his present. For the 1st time, this publication brings to English-speaking researchers and the general public particular bills of the the most important experiments conducted with Ossowiecki, which produced compelling proof of paranormal cognition.

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During this maneuver, source and object were at right angles, and he observed the pattern to appear as a sharp-nosed, very thin object about 300 to 500 feet long with an irregular, wispy trailing edge. Immediately, a heavy condensation trail began to form and extended for approximately 1000 feet back, at which point it separated into a double trail which again was approximately 1000 feet long, ending abruptly. At this time, the object was traveling at an estimated 400 mph true air speed. The most unusual feature was that the contrail 40 stayed with the unsighted object, and did not extend across the sky as in the case of conventional aircraft contrails...

C. ), in his book, Flying Saucers From Outer Space, had told how, in the beginning of his research, the AF had given him data on reported sightings but had later clammed up and classified all of the UFO information. C. White, the information officer at that time, I was surprised to receive a very friendly reception. "I'm writing a book about flying saucers," I explained (although I had given up on the book, I still found this excuse a wonderful door opener). I know your files are secret, but. " the lieutenant interrupted with a big smile, rising and walking to some filing cases.

Bloom, assured him that the flying saucers were probably interplanetary and that an Earth government was also developing such machines. The purpose for their visit was to secure his cooperation in photographing the strange craft, on the assumption that his small telescopes could maneuver more easily than the large one at the Observatory. They planned to make a similar request to the Observatory Staff. Thus, having been asked by the military, as Adamski put it, to cooperate with them, he purchased additional photographic equipment and began to watch the sky for the spacecraft.

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