By Ruth Shick Montgomery

From past the grave comes a startling message from one of many world's most famed psychics, a message containing the solutions to those questions and plenty of more...What does occur after loss of life? the place do you pass? what's it like "over there?" What does it consider prefer to be out of our human shell? Do you spot household now we have misplaced some time past? America's best-known spiritualist medium has reached the opposite international. He has demonstrated touch with a "receiver" during this world--and has written this ebook.

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There is some evil in every living thing that falls into disharmony with the centrifugal force. The only remedy is to unite again in perfect harmony, for then there is no evil, no greed, no sickness, no disharmony. Time and again we come back here to learn that simple truth. Disharmony is the root of all our evils. Thoughts Are Things 29 "Take a rose and examine it closely: leaves, stem, and petals. Perfection, you say. But wait! Is there not something lacking? Perhaps one missing leaf, one petal curled a bit too much?

The first man to appear in flesh on this planet was perfection without blemish. Call him Adam or what you will, he was the creation of the central force that we call God. This man was a thought pattern transmitted by that centrifugal force, but with the advent of other humans, both male and female, strife arose—a warring of the spirits who had lived amicably together before flesh was inhabited by them but who now quarreled over portions of a land which was so blessed that everything was there in abundance for all to use and develop.

Such a pity ... " Then he continued, "Those who want mansions will find them ready, but those who want food for the spirit will find it in abundance, for that is what this is all about, material versus spiritual, and it is up to each soul to choose which way he will go. "Now as to that fisherman yesterday. That was his hobby Thoughts Are Things 37 while in the flesh, and he had dreamed of making such a catch in some such beautiful spot before he came here. But he felt downcast when he discovered that there was no one to help him cook the fish and to talk it over with.

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