By Patricia Telesco

A Witch's drinks and Brews stocks the glorious history of beverage making and eating -- how beverages seemed on altars as present to the gods, the place toasts come from, and why we go wine clockwise round the desk. All this lore and superstition combines with glossy magickal how to assist you layout drinks that quench either actual and religious thirst thoroughly whereas tantalizing your style buds. within the later 1/2 the publication, each one bankruptcy is dedicated to a particular subject matter with a recommended part record, training principles (timing), and a bunch of recipes for either intake and spellcraft reasons. the various topics which are coated are "keeping love true," "prosperity potions," and "concocting a bit luck." even if you are making a drink so that you can internalize its traits for day-by-day dwelling, or making it for a chum, there is something right here for all events, wishes, and tastes.

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While it’s good to develop skill in one area and build on that, it’s also good to play a little and let your imagination run wild. Joy has a lot of magick in it without any trappings—so brew and enjoy yourself. In the words of Homer: And wine can, of their wits beguile make the sage frolic and the serious smile! 37 This page intentionally left blank CHAPTER 3 H ELPFUL H INT S INTS This chapter will provide you with insights about brewing alcoholic beverages and other rather unique items such as pop that many people have probably never tried making.

Additionally, your first beverage efforts should be done with simple, cost-effective ingredients. This way if you don’t get it right, you haven’t spent a fortune. And don’t be overly critical with yourself if you have a flop or two. It’s quite common, especially in mead, wine, and beer brewing. Practice does make perfect, and you always learn something new from the failures. For example, a friend of mine couldn’t figure out why his wine recipe didn’t ferment. I found out that he had altered the recipe and decreased the sugar.

Strain again, then tightly seal them for six months before using. ” —Count De Mauduit I made an interesting discovery when I first tried to find recipes for non-alcoholic mead. Right through the 1920s, mead was not considered a spirituous beverage! This is probably due to the fact that mead was made very thick, with more than the necessary amount of honey, fermented only a short time, then drawn off and mixed with juice or carbonated water (circa 1919). The ratio given in a turn-of-the-century cookbook for the second option was 2 oz.

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