By Joseph E. Early Jr., John W. Storey

This is often the tale of ways one guy, Samuel Augustus Hayden, nearly destroyed the newly geared up Baptist common conference of Texas (BGCT) ahead of it might take root. within the ultimate many years of the 19th century, Hayden brought on such unrest between Texas Baptists that when a failed try to take over the BGCT, he was once expelled from the kingdom physique. In flip, he created a rival association, the Baptist Missionary organization (BMA), which persevered to struggle perceived oppression by means of the BGCT. Hayden, via his newspaper, accused his enemies of embezzlement, heresy, arson, and strong-arm strategies. His high-profile rivals integrated George Washington Truett, Benajah Harvey Carroll, and James Britton Cranfill, who asserted via their newspapers that Hayden was once insane, a liar, and a heretic. Baptists in Texas have been compelled to take aspects within the fight, which got here to a dramatic end on a educate sure for the Southern Baptist conference, while Cranfill and Hayden scuffled over a pistol.

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C. Buckner, R. C. Burleson, J. M. Carroll, and S. A. Hayden, were all BGA constituents. With the deaths of R. E. B. Baylor and W. C. 15 With the inevitable at hand, during the 1885 regular session of the BSC at Lampasas, a joint BSC and BGA committee met to discuss the feasibility of the merger. A. W. ”16 A resolution adopting this statement quickly followed. 17 The Temple meeting was very significant in the unification process. Hanks was the logical choice for moderator, due to the unique dual associational alignment of his church, and he took the lead.

65 Steps toward reconciliation now moved more rapidly. On May 6, 1883, Pastor Hayden read a response from the First Baptist Church of Dallas to the Live Oak congregants that spelled out a willingness to reconcile. A resolution was then adopted that accepted their offer for peace. On June 3, 1883, the two churches held a unified service: Pastor Hayden presided and Pastor Hanks delivered the message. Over the next year good will between the congregations improved significantly. So much progress was made that both churches believed a formal reconciliation was imminent.

In his bid to secure the denominational organ in Waco, B. H. Carroll had obviously sided against east Texas, Dallas, and Hayden. With these actions, the rivalry began to take on geographical aspects. Due to B. H. 6 This accusation would remain one of the staples of Hayden’s complaints for the remainder of his journalistic career. Though sporadic and soft-spoken in tone, his articles began to hint that a small clique of powerful men sought dominance in all denominational matters. ” Due to the developing power of Waco, this barb was in all likelihood cast in their direction.

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