By Patrice Michelle

Revenge is a dish most sensible served chilly. not anyone is aware this higher than Jacqueline (Jax) Markson. Ever seeing that she will take into account, her father has spoken of revenge—revenge opposed to all vampires. whilst his spouse died after giving beginning to Jax, John Markson blamed the vampire who’d bitten his pregnant spouse for his loss and he committed his existence to ridding the area of all vampires. After Jax’s vampire-hunter father is viciously killed, she takes up the reins the place he left off. Her first order of industrial: take out the vampire who killed her father. Ian (The Enforcer) Mordoor has a task to do. prior to he can take over the Ruean vampire clan’s management place, Ian vows to seek down Drace, the rogue vampire who brutally killed a human vampire hunter named John Markson. What Ian doesn’t look forward to finding in the course of his quest is his mate in a human vampire hunter named Jax--a lady who'd relatively kill than kiss him.

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Ian stiffened at her insult. If he had to guess, he’d say her gritted teeth were more from her anger then the pain in her arm. Respect. She needed to learn a little respect. All amusement fled his expression. ” she panted. She was finally wearing out. “Your name,” he repeated slowly. ” No better time than the present to find out the woman’s identity. ” she hissed out. ” “Jax! ” He couldn’t help but chuckle at her moxy. “You don’t seem to be in a position to negotiate, Jax, love. ” And damn if, with her last ounce of energy, she didn’t grunt, turn, and maneuver herself until she had her crossbow pistol pointed at him.

Damn it. How had she given him the slip? Twice he’d had to compel her back to sleep last night. Somehow she’d managed to come awake on her own as if out of habit, even breaking through his mental stronghold over her sleep. The woman had a will made of steel. He knew she would test every bit of patience he thought he never had. Ian rubbed his chin and considered where she might go next, thanking his lucky stars for the homing device he’d attached under her car fender at the train site. * * * * * Jax smiled as she sheathed her Bowie knife and hopped into her car.

He grasped her hands and held them beside her head. Lacing his fingers with hers, he pinned her still as he withdrew once more. “Not yet. ” “Screw you,” she hissed out as anger grappled for dominance over her highly charged desire. She was taut with unfulfilled need and the man wanted to string her along. No way in hell would she beg. She tried to shift his weight off of her. A smirk crossed his face. ” He thrust inside, filling her completely, rending a scream of pleasure-pain from her as the full length of him stretched her taut, touching her cervix.

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