By Mary Anne Atwood

Mary Anne wrote A Suggestive Inquiry into the airtight secret. . . at her father’s request, and in parallel along with his personal composition of a long poem at the comparable topic. Thomas South (her father) paid for the publication to be released anonymously in 1850, yet with no need learn it, trusting his daughter’s judgement. examining it after ebook, he believed Mary Anne had published many airtight secrets and techniques that have been higher left unpublished, and for this reason received up the rest inventory and, together with his daughter, burnt them, besides the incomplete manuscript of his poem. just a couple of copies of the ebook survived. Ms Atwood released not anything after A Suggestive Inquiry. . . .

Walter Leslie Wilmshurst, in his 1918 advent to the reissue, laments that the innovations of her later years didn't locate fruition in one other paintings. He claims, besides the fact that, that there's a lot to be present in her papers, of which he was once then in possession.

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Edward did not hesitate, but complied with every condition respecting the appliance of the gold, provided only Lully would supply it. The artist accordingly set to work, soothe story runs, in a chamber set apart for him in the Tower, and produced 50,000 pounds weight of pure gold. His own words relative to the extraordinary fact in his testament, are these; --- "Converti una vice in aurum 50 millia pondo argenti vivi, plumbi, et stannic. I converted", says he, "at one time 50,000 pounds weight of quicksilver, lead and tin, into gold" (55).

The costly juice confine, - Lest through the ruins of decay, The lamp should cease to shine. On the lesser urn were these : Abite hinc pessimi fures! Vos quid voltis vestris cum oculis emissititiis? Abite hinc vestro cum Mercurio petasato caduceatoque! Maximus maximo donum Plutoni hos sacrum facili. Plunderers, with prying eyes, Away! What mean you by this curious stay? Hence with your cunning patron god, With bonnet winged and magic rod! Sacred alone to Pluto's name This mighty art of endless fame!

But the science which drew the tyrant to the philosopher was more probably practical and profitably interesting than abstracts would appear to be to such a mind. "Indeed, O son of Dionysius and Doris, this your inquiry concerning the cause of all beautiful things is endued with a certain quality, or rather it is a parturition respecting this ingenerated in the soul, from which he who is not liberated will never in reality acquire truth" (23). Wisdom must be sought for her own sake, neither for gold or silver or any intermediate benefit, lest these all should be denied together without the discovery of their source.

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