By Richard L Alaniz

According to a 2009 Harris ballot, forty two% of yankee adults think in ghosts and paranormal actions. via candid and strong anecdotes, meditation instructor and non secular counselor Richard Alaniz courses his readers to an realizing of the aim of spirit manifestations and multi-dimensional beings. A Shaman’s Tale presents solutions to questions about the mystical, mysticism, and the mysteries of existence and demise. it's also an autobiographical narrative approximately one man’s trip to non secular information - a trip that isn't a spiritual or political one, yet person who transcends size, area, and time. in line with his adventure as a shaman and his encounters with the mystical, Richard Alaniz exhibits how paranormal reports can light up a spirit global to those that are looking for greater consciousness.

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The majority followed the Bush administration’s agenda after the September 11th attack in 2001 simply because we as a society have been conditioned to believe that a person in the highest authority would always tell the public the truth. Have we never been lied to by our politicians, lawyers, institutions, priests, cult leaders, heads of corporations, and parents? Fear of a “mushroom cloud” was used to gain support for war. 4. ” One may be able to reason with the knowledge one has. However, what if the knowledge is limited and incomplete?

In other words, if one does not live within his/her natural process one can affect 64 the outcome of what he/she was originally supposed to experience to enhance his/her awareness to God Consciousness. Let us design a hypothetical action that is out of one’s character to demonstrate the idea of how the process of Karmonic Experience works. For example, if I were to purposely rob a bank I would go to jail for ten years or more. As a result my personality would change due to my need to develop survival tactics for prison life.

He waved over the lead guitarist, and they expressed to me they were looking for a bass player to relieve the singer so he could concentrate more on vocals. The drummer whom I knew told them I was the musician he was talking about earlier. They asked me to audition. I told them I had not played the bass in over thirteen years and I was very rusty. However, I accepted their offer, explaining I had received Induced Knowledge that I would play with them. I’m more than sure they didn’t know what I meant by Induced Knowledge — I explained later.

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