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You: Thank God you came man. I‟ve been trying to get these girls away from me for about ten minutes now. They just won‟t leave me alone… - or – Alpha Male: How do you guys know each other? You: She‟s been chatting up guys all night man. The girls will find you funny, and he is now the one trying to enter into your world. Notice how I made the girls to be the focus. ” He could just say, “Well now is your chance. ” And blow you out. MAKE A PRETEND WORLD WITH YOU AND THE GIRLS So have a mini scenario.

Most girls will throw out lines at you such as, “You say that to all of the girls. …how many girls have you said that to? ” She does this because she doesn‟t want to look and appear easy. com A „MODERN MAN LIVING‟ GUIDE TO SEDUCTION have been with, the more she will resist you because she doesn‟t want you to think she is easy “like all the other girls”. To overcome the perception of being a player, make sure she is attracted to you first before you try on your moves. You will only come across as sleazy and “playing the numbers” game.

One often gets more attached than the other. It requires an understanding and emotional control from the get-go. And I may be giving the wrong impression here by talking about sex. Sex is often the transition point where you know if something else will develop. com A „MODERN MAN LIVING‟ GUIDE TO SEDUCTION But seduction is not all about sex. It is there to develop possible long-term relationships and connections. You can become awfully close to a girl emotionally as well as intimately, rather than being the guy she only has when she needs a shoulder to cry on.

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