By Kenneth M. Setton, Harry W. Hazard

The six volumes of A heritage of the Crusades will stand because the definitive historical past of the Crusades, spanning 5 centuries, encompassing Jewish, Moslem, and Christian views, and containing a wealth of knowledge and research of the heritage, politics, economics, and tradition of the medieval global.

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94 In Marie de France's "Le Freisne" we find that "they wrap the lovely child and place it on a coin-dot cloth. Her husband had brought it to her from Constantinople where he was. Never had they seen so fine a one . " 95 Probably the husband of the lady had been to Constantinople at the time of the Second Crusade. By the twelfth century nearly every noble in Syria, and probably in Palestine, Sicily, and Moslem Spain, had his tiraz or weaving establishment. The crusaders must have encouraged their own Christian servitors to practise this art while in Syria and Palestine, especially at Tripoli.

40 These men must have handled by the scoopful money from all the areas which sent pilgrims to the Holy Land. Perhaps they were even capable of changing, at a liberal discount, the silver and gold that came from buried treasure. "41 (Such finds were made everywhere: William of Malmesbury speaks of ancient British coins "of which many are dug up in this age. 44 Conditions of housing are not well documented. Medieval commentators took houses for granted, and those that have survived were the more expensive ones made of stone, whose construction has been 38.

146. See P. K. , London, 1940), pp. 251, and, for a full discussion, A. R. Nykl, Hispano·Arabic Poetry (Baltimore, 1946). 147. Hatem, p. 298. , p. 296. 22 A HISTORY OF THE CRUSADES IV use ... uo On the other hand, Usamah thinks that these westerners domesticated in Syria are much superior to their confreres. He knew of one who had Egyptian women doing his cooking and who ate no pork. 151 Humphrey II of Toron's son had a perfect command of Arabic, and served as interpreter between Richard and Saladin.

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