By D. W. G. Ballentyne B.Sc., Ph.D., F.Inst.P., D. R. Lovett M.Sc., A.R.C.S., D.I.C., Ph.D., M.Inst.P. (auth.)

The layout of this variation is still unchanged from past variants however the majority of entries have obtained a few revision. particularly, devices at the moment are in SI devices at any place attainable, even if with sure of the classical entries this isn't attainable. Chemical terminology has proved a specific challenge. we now have stored the typical names for natural compounds as a result of huge readership of this e-book yet we've extra an additional desk giving the an identical systematic names and the formulae. we've attempted to prevent omission of any named results and legislation that experience large utilization. however, with the intention to retain the publication to a achievable size, it's been essential to make a choice one of the much less generic phrases and it truly is inevitable that a few arbitrary offerings and omissions has to be made. a few entries from past variations were omitted to make room for different entries which we believe became extra vital. we're specifically thankful to these readers who've mentioned past omissions. D.W.G.B. Imperial university, Uni!.:ersity of London D.R.L.

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The spectrum reduces to that used in the Debye model if an elastic medium is assumed. ) Borrmann Effect (or Campbell- Borrmann Effect) Borrmann Effect The anomalous transmission of x-rays when a single crystal of high perfection is placed in a reflecting position in a monochromatic x-ray beam. The transmitted and diffracted beams emerge displaced and with anomalously high intensity. Absorption is reduced because standing waves are established in the crystal with nodes at the atomic sites and the displacement is because energy flow in the crystal is along the reflecting planes.

Cartesian Coordinates A rectangular system of coordinates in which a position vector r can be written as the sum of its vector components along the x, y and z axes by r = xi + yj +zk where i, j and k are unit vectors along the x, y and z axes respectively. The system is named after Descartes, who often used the Latin version of his name, Cartesian. Cassini's Ovals Curves giving the locus of points having the product of their distances from (- a, 0) and (a, 0) as c 2 and having the form (x 2 + y2 +a 2 )2 -4a2x2 = c4 Castigliano's Theorems I.

This effect arises because, whereas with monochromatic light complete transparency can be obtained, with white light, because of differences of dispersion in the solid and liquid, refractions will only match for a narrow range of the spectrum. Christoffel Symbols These are three index symbols represented in the form and are not tensors. They are used in the formation of derivatives of vectors such as divergence and curl in changing from one coordinate system to another. Chugaev Reaction s-methyl a-alkyl xanthates containing r:xf3 hydrogen to the alkyl group pyrolyse to yield olefins without rearrangement of the carbon skeleton.

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