By Valerie Purton

This chronological account of the lifetime of Samuel Taylor Coleridge is outfitted up from modern records, together with the letters and journals of the author and of his friends and family. Maps, a genealogy and an index are integrated in addition to over 50 biographical sketches of the Coleridge circle. The growth of the writer's schooling, interpreting, friendships and highbrow pursuits is punctiliously adumbrated and the ebook offers a whole history to the genesis of the literary paintings. besides descriptions of the genesis of Coleridge's significant works, a juxtaposition is made up of the writer's perspectives with these of Wordsworth. Valerie Purton has co-written "Poems through Brothers: A examine of George Clayton Tennyson and Charles Tennyson D'Eyncout", and released articles in "A.R.I.E.L. and Prose stories" and "The Dictionary of British ladies Writers".

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He also writes and sends to George a parody of Bowles's 'Monody on a Tea-kettle'. December (late) Luke Coleridge dies suddenly in Exeter of a fever. 1791 January 12 (Mon) STC is granted a Christ's Hospital Exhibition worth £40, renewable for four years. February 5 (Fri) He is elected to a sizarship at Jesus College, Cambridge, with a promise of a Rustat Scholarship of £30 (reserved for sons of clergymen who show outstanding merit). During this month or the next, STC sends George a Latin Ode in honour of A.

April 6 (Mon) The Jesus College authorities announce that they will remove STC's name from the boards if he has not returned by 14 June. 20 A Coleridge Chronology May 19 (Tues) STC begins 'Six Lectures on Revealed Religion' at the Assembly Coffeehouse on Bristol Quay, sponsored by Joseph Cottle, John Prior Estlin and the wealthy Morgan family. They also commission a portrait of STC from Peter van Dyke. June 16 (Tues) STC's final lecture is 'On the Slave Trade' - a daring topic, as Bristol is the centre of that trade.

STC is torn by conflicting demands upon him. ' Writes 'On a Discovery Made Too Late' about Mary Evans. 22 He is invited to spend the evening with Dr Thomas Edwards, a 'heterodox Divine' at Cambridge, and a 'Democrat' named Lushington, to talk about Pantisocracy. November 3 (Mon) STC reads Schiller's Robbers and is ecstatic: 'My God! Southey! Who is this Schiller? ] He tells RS of the death (in August) of the Reverend Fulwood Smerdon, vicar of Ottery, and sends a copy of 'Lines on a Friend' and of lines about his feeling for Mary Evans, 'When Youth his faery reign began'.

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