By Verena Klemm, Paul E Walker, Susanne Karam

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Robert G. Hoyland is professor of heart East background at NYUs Institute for research of the traditional global and Oxford’s Oriental Institute. He has released a couple of books and articles at the heart East within the past due old and early Islamic classes, together with Seeing Islam as Others observed it (Princeton, 1997) and Arabia and the Arabs (London, 2001).

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On this event and the role of the daʿwa during the reign of al-Ḥākim in general, see P. E. Walker, ‘The Ismaili Daʿwa in the Reign of the Fatimid Caliph al-Ḥākim,’ Journal of the American Research Center in Egypt, 30 (1993), pp. , ed. indd 23 29/11/11 3:09 PM 24 A Code of Conduct It probably falls, moreover, in the years between 408/1017 and 411/1021, at the close of the period. Near the conclusion of al-Naysābūrī’s laudatory account of the imam’s achievements, which concludes this treatise, he hints at another, secondary motive that may have caused him to write it.

4. 5. T1 – T2 A1 – A2 T1 – T2 – T3 A1 – T2 T1 – A1 This listing also indicates that the greatest divergence is between T1 and A1. The manuscripts within the A-tradition closely resemble each other. Similarly, those within the T-tradition resemble each other. Thus, the manuscripts of the A-tradition as well as those of the T-tradition are of greater similarity within their respective group (T or A) than among the two traditions. This indicates that, in spite of the high degree of agreement, both strands represent two different lines of transmission.

Format of the Arabic edition The original Arabic text constitutes a continuous body of text, without obvious structuring. In the present edition, the text is arranged in paragraphs. We made the decision not to introduce a chapter-based structure due to numerous recurrences and overlapping contents. The paragraphs correspond with the English translation. ). g. ya/ta-prefixes of masculine and feminine verbs in their imperfect form) have been corrected without further notice, as long as at least one manuscript conveyed the correct form.

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