By Vic DiCara

Over a decade of devoted learn! Over a 12 months of writing and modifying! With the benefits and counsel of a swami , a babaji, and a Sanskrit student, Vic DiCara provides you the world's such a lot definitive, uncomplicated and fully outstanding clarification of the mythology and which means in the 27 stars of old Indian astrology!

If you're an astrologer or partial to astrology, you'll be reworked through Vic's greatly transparent and simple causes of Sanskrit, Vedic mythology, and mastery of intuitive symbolism.

If you're a lover of India and her tradition, you are going to savor those deep revelations and infrequent expositions of primary gods like Vishnu, not-so-familiar gods like Varuna, and approximately forgotten gods like Ajaikapat.

If you're a religious seeker, you'll find the foundation of the universe, the that means of lifestyles, and crucial clues within the everlasting quest for the "fountain of youth."

The one hundred sixty pages of this publication are abundantly replete with distinctive references and footnotes to meet the students between you. The e-book is dripping with dramatic storytelling, packed with philosophy as transparent and deep as a Himalayan lake, and accurately provides the superbly necessary astrological symbolism of the divine stars.


"Vic DiCara's exploration and definitive learn at the lunar mansions brings the primordial zodiac alive with the wealthy symbolism and sacred tales of Indian lore. we frequently fail to remember that the foundation of Vedic astrology will constantly be the magical mythology linked to Jyotish, the technological know-how of sunshine. Mr. DiCara's terrific textual content illuminates our course domestic to the divine via his deep knowing and the benefits of the gods and goddesses of old India"

- Dennis M. Harness, Ph.D.
Psychologist, author and Vedic Astrologer

"27 Stars, 27 Gods is a beautifully deep e-book concerning the fastened stars of Vedic astrology. it's good written and good researched, and is a transparent and relaxing learn! I hugely suggest it for everybody from astrologers to yogis and everybody in between."

- Juliana Swanson, RN
ACVA instructor, Jyotish Visharada & Kovid

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But the influence of Viṣṇu is so pacifying and pleasant that even deadly enemies give up their mutual hatred and cooperate happily to serve him. Śeṣa has so many heads they are essentially infinite. This is one reason why he also bears the name Ananta, which means endless. 14) explains that Śeṣa is an incarnation of Viṣṇu, who returns to his original form as Kṛṣṇa’s elder brother, Balarāma. Śeṣa’s role is always to support and guard Viṣṇu. When Viṣṇu appears as Kṛṣṇa, Śeṣa supports and protects him by becoming his older brother.

They just take as much as they can from me, and do not even use my bounty to worship Godhead! Therefore I have made my surface rocky and hilly, so that the water cannot enrich the soil and nothing will grow. But I submit to you now to change this situation! Bring me a calf. ” 51 First the king made the chief of humanity (Svāyambhuva Manu) into a “calf” and obtained as “milk” all the grains and vegetables needed to feed the citizens. Then various groups used various people as “calves,” and through those calves they got all they desired from the Earth.

Because this gopī was none other than Śiva (who is called Maheśvara, the great controller) Kṛṣṇa playfully nicknamed her Gopeśvara. Today, pilgrims to Vṛṇdāvana seeking to eventually participate in Śrī Kṛṣṇa’s divine Rāsa dance always pray to Śiva as Gopeśvara. Their prayer is that Rudra will destroy the ego that makes them unqualified to participate in such divine bliss. When the destructive force of Ārdrā is given spiritual direction, it dismantles the false ego and allows one entry into blessed realms of being.

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