By Alecia T. Devantier

A few of these issues i have already performed with my children, despite the fact that, there are many issues I by no means considered doing with them.

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But your baby is not a little pressure cooker that needs to “blow off steam” before cooling down. Letting your baby cry it out makes as little sense as closing your ears to your screeching car alarm while you wait for the battery to die. ” Of course that’s true; however, while adults may sob for minutes, colicky babies can wail for hours! I believe that most parents who let their babies shriek until they collapse do this only because they feel desperate and exhausted. It’s a last resort that goes against every parental instinct.

This gets the bubbles to float to the top of the stomach for easy burping. ) 4. The best burping position: Sit down with your baby on your lap, with his chin resting comfortably in your cupped hand. ) Next, lean him forward so he’s doubled over a little. Give his back ten to twenty firm thumps. Babies’ stomachs are like glasses of soda, with little “bubblettes” stuck to the sides. So thump your baby like a drum to jiggle these free. Let’s examine each individually and then I will explain why none of these nuisances is the real cause of colic.

Most infant-care books list these calming tips, but that’s as unhelpful as listing the ingredients of a recipe without giving the instructions for how to combine and cook them. Each individual “S” may be effective for soothing a mildly fussy baby. Your “easy” baby may only need to suck or to be danced around the room in order to be calmed. However, doing all five together can switch on the calming reflex so irresistibly that they soothe even the most frantic newborns. ” If the Cuddle Cure were indeed a cake recipe made from the 5 “S’s,” I think it would be for a layer cake.

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